There is no better way to enjoy a cool evening than a fire feature built in your outdoor living space. It allows you to enjoy your space earlier in the spring, or later into the fall without having to retire indoors when the cooler weather sets in. While you have most likely have seen a standard fire pit, the world is open with our imagination to create a unique fire element never seen before for your outdoor living space such as our custom made boulder fire pits. Some of our clients must have a true wood burning fire, but most of our elements are gas giving you the convenience to turn it on and off with the turn of a key. This allows you to use the fire element at a moments notice for however long, or short you would like, and without any smoke or burning embers to extinguish when you retire for the evening. Not in need of any heat? Turn the key valve down on those hot evenings and simply enjoy the ambiance of the flickering flames with your guests.